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    Yanmar - Yanmar Diesel
    Compact Diesel Tractors, 2 and 4 Wheel Drive
    Model 13hp 2T73A (used in YM135 Tractors)

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  1. Cylinder BlockOn-Line
  2. Gear CaseOn-Line
  3. Cylinder HeadOn-Line
  4. Air Cleaner & SilencerOn-Line
  4A Air Cleaner (with Pre-cleaner) [Optional Parts]On-Line
  5. CamshaftOn-Line
  6. Main Bearing & CrankshaftOn-Line
  7. Piston & Connecting RodOn-Line
  8. Lubricating Oil SystemOn-Line
  9. Cooling Water SystemOn-Request
  10. Fuel Injection PumpOn-Line
  11. Fuel Injection ValveOn-Line
  12. Fuel Oil SystemOn-Line
  13. Governor SystemOn-Line
  14. Electric Starting SystemOn-Line
  15. Starting Motor (Maker: HITACHI)On-Line
  16. Generator (Maker: KOKUSAN)On-Line
  17. Thermostarting Equipment & Silencer (Optional)On-Line
  49. Gasket Kit (A)On-Line
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